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Electric boiler

Boiler making Money: HI-800D(DIGITAL, ANALOG)

1. Healthy heating
Far infrared ray emission, preventing pollution from cement, sound heating according to the principle of body heat preservation of keeping the head cool and the feet warm
2. Cost-effective heating
Heat efficiency higher than convection heating, and fast heating effects rendered
3. Simple heating
Immediate operation after simple installation
4. Environment-friendly heating
No electromagnetic wave, volatile organic compound (VOC) or wastes from construction; recyclable
5. Scientific heating
Ergonomic design; pleasant and quiet
6. Safety heating
· Auto bimetal: Heater shutdown at temperature exceeding 75°C
· Manual return bimetal: Heater shutdown at temperature exceeding 75°C
· Device that protects the product in case of excessive rise of temperature:
  Power automatically shut down in case temperature exceeds 75°C
Operation method of product


  1. 1. Turning power ON
    Turn the main switch ON first, and press the power button of the controller.
  2. 2. How to adjust temperature
    You can set the desired temperature while viewing the numbers on the temperature display by pressing the Up and Down buttons on the boiler controller.
  3. 3. How to reserve operation time
    The function is used for reserving the OFF time of the boiler; reservation time is up to 24 hours in increment of 1 hour. Press the Up and Down buttons while the numbers on the temperature display blink after pressing the Reserve button on the clock display to set the desired reserve time.
  4. 4. How to make up water
    When the level of the water tank drops below the lower limit while operating the boiler, the Water Makeup LED indicator blinks, and the buzzer sounds. In such case, operation of the boiler is shut down.
    Never fill the water tank with underground water, contaminated water, or solution other than water.
    Using materials other than potable water may cause failure of the product or reduction of lifecycle of the product.

How to reserve operation time


  1. 1. Turning power ON
    Turn the knob of the regulator (Thermostat) Raise the main power switch (Main Switch)
    first Turn on the power. (At this time, coming in filling the lamp for the alarm comes,
    please add water.)
  2. 2. How to adjust temperature
    Give the lamp warm-up according to the desired set temperature by turning
    the adjuster knob on the boiler control panel will start work is coming.
    • Lamp is ON -> Mat is being heated
    • Lamp is OFF -> Heating has stopped.
  3. 3. How to make up water
    When the water in the boiler water shortages in use supplemental light (LED) will flash and beep (Buzzer) rings and the boiler operation stops. When you replenish the water used in addition to the absolute prohibition of clean drinking water is another solution. The lifetime of drinking water and other substances using breakdown products can be shortened.

How to make up water

Electric boiler Structure

Electric boiler outside

Electric boiler inside

Electric Boiler Floor Panel
Electric Boiler Floor Panel, designed in the way that heat is transferred to heat radiation plate while hot water flows through PVC hose, has high thermal conductivity and is easy to install. For the finishing material, any interior material including floor covering may be used. The heat insulating material covering the hot water hose has excellent inter-floor noise insulation effect as well.

Electric Boiler Floor Panel

Hypocaust panel heated by electric boiler is ideal for the following applications
  1. Residences, cottageHospital, 
postpartum care center
    - Residences, cottage
    - Hospital,
    - postpartum care center
  2. Dormitory Movable house
    - Dormitory
    - Movable house
  3. Skin care center, 
 village clubhouseSchool, academy
    - Skin care center, Village
    - School, academy
  4. Restaurant Factory, farm
    - Restaurant
    - Factory, farm
Features of product

Excellent effects of heating cost saving

The boiler heats the necessary areas only, and the lifecycle of the boiler is semi-permanent. The boiler is also excellent in heat transfer rate and insulation effects to eliminate heat loss. All of these features of the boiler significantly save on fuel costs.

Excellent effects of heating cost saving

Convenient installation and movement

You can simply install the boiler without special tools or techniques, and move the boiler to any place.

Conventional hypocaust requires two or three days for installation and finish, whereas the electric boiler hypocaust panel system requires one hour only for the procedures.

Convenient installation and movement

Quadruple safety devices of digital micom type

Quadruple safety devices of the digital micom type automatically shut down the supply of power in case of over-current, leak, overheating, insufficient water level, or rupture due to freezing to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

Quadruple safety devices of digital micom type

Sound boiler free from electromagnetic wave

Electromagnetic waves emitted from the conventional stone bed, jade mat, or electric-heating blanket wield adverse effects on the human body.

This electric boiler makes use of the heat generated from hot water and wields no adverse effects on the human body.

Sound boiler free from electromagnetic wave

Ergonomic engineering heating

Ergonomic design; pleasant and quiet.

The insulation on the hot water hose yields effects of blocking noise between floors.

Ergonomic engineering heating

Specifics of Product

* interior temperature 25℃, Floor temperature 50℃

Specifics of product
Item/Model Unit KK-800 KK-1300 KK-1500 KK-2000 KK-3000 KK-4000 KK-5000
Heater capacity Kw 0.8 1.3 1.5 2 3 4 5
Heating area 8.3 or smaller 10 or smaller 11.6 or smaller 13.2 or smaller 19.8 or smaller 26.4 or smaller 33~49.5 or smaller
Heating efficiency Kcal / h 1,140 1,720 2,290 2,890 3,440 4,300 5,160
Heating tube Outer/inner diameterΦ 10/7 10/7 10/7 20/14 20/14 20/14 20/14
Product size W*L*H 270*110*370 270*110*370 270*110*370 270*110*370 305*148*462 305*148*462 305*148*462
Product weight 5 5 5 5 8 8 8
Water tank capacity 2.56ℓ / 0.67 gallon 3.51ℓ / 0.93 gallon

※ Specifications may be changed by the manufacturer for the optimal performance of the product. The heatable area may also vary depending on the conditions of installation and surroundings.

Product name Electric boiler Manufacturer KUMKANG Life Science co., ltd.
Basic model name HI-800A, HI-800D Place of origin Republic of Korea
Rated voltage AC220V 60㎐ Safety certification number XE070005-14002A / XE070005-15003A
Certification authority Korea Testing Certification Product configuration Electric boiler, User’s manual