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Electric-heating floor covering

Electric-heating floor covering, KK-200
Features of Products
1. Applying patented technologies of preventing overheat and fire
Technologies for preventing overheat and fire ensure the safe and convenient operation of the boiler.
2. Smart control of power
The boiler raises the temperature fast at initial startup and automatically controls power upon temperature variation to reduce power consumption.
3. Free from electromagnetic wave
Circuits designed for reducing electromagnetic waves minimize the emission of electromagnetic wave.
4. Clean and healthy space
Quality floor coverings are used for easy cleaning with water, with the premium wood grain patterns rendering a pleasant, healthy space.
5. Energy saving by selecting size adequate for area
Heating of minimal space allows energy saving as well as convenient use, storage, and cleaning at each room.
6. Eliminating ticks by keeping temperature high
Contact with ticks from dusts is maximized during sleeping hours.
Ticks are eliminated by keeping temperature high.

Electric-heating floor coveringt

  • Ondol flat stone effect with high thermal conductivity
    Warmth is transferred and kept evenly and constantly all over the mat with excellent thermal conductivity.
  • Excellent waterproofing
    No worries of water or beverage getting inside!
  • Meticulous stitching
    Robust and meticulous stitching without missing the minute parts on the edge
  • Thickness that guarantees comfort
    Thickness that deflects repeated pressure and maintains the original shape after extended usage thanks to high friction resistance
  • Slip-proof fabric
    The bottom surface of the mat is made of slip-proof fabric for maximum stability for the whole area
  • Sound-proof cushion
    Layer of cushion that can be used for childcare centers even with the wildest actions of kids, reducing shock to the body and providing great safety to children
No worries of fire thanks to heat-sending wire and MICOM circuit device
Our proprietary heat-sensing wire has multiple sensors on the heating wire, which automatically short-circuits the sensor of the wire upon detecting overload for two-fold fire prevention (first at the controller, second on the heating wire).

No worries of fire thanks to heat-sending wire and MICOM circuit device

Inside of Electric-heating floor covering
Warmth can be kept more safely and warmly by combination of heat-sensing wire safe for prevention of fire and temperature controller with automatic power-off device.

Inside of Electric-heating floor covering

Electric mat temperature controller

Electric mat temperature controller
9 levels of temperatures are available for a wide variety of selection (Low, Levels 1-7, High).
Be sure to set the appropriate temperature when using this mat on the bed.
  1. 1. The temperature dial lights up for easier identification at night or of dark spots.
  2. 2. As the operation indicator lights up, the temperature gradually rises.
  3. 3. The operation indicator turns off when the temperature reaches a certain level and lights up again when the temperature drops below a certain level. Thus, rest assured that the mat is working even if the indicator is off.
  4. 4. If you find the temperature too low, adjust the temperature by one level to find the best temperature level for you.

※ 2 The heating controller cannot be used for mats bigger than super double size.

Heating(1heating,2heating), Power consumption(110w,200w), Free temperature adjustment

Specifics of Product
Product name Electric-heating floor covering Manufacturer KUMKANG Life Science co., ltd.
Place of origin Republic of Korea Product configuration Floor covering, Temperature controller, User’s manual, Carrying case
Rated voltage AC220V 60㎐ Safety device Function of preventing local overheat and fire
After-sales service period 1 year 6 months
Standard Size Model Name Power Consumption Safety Certificate No. Certification
Mini Single 65*180 HJP-06518 120w HO07022-11001B Korea Testing Certification
Single 91*200 HJP-10020 120w HO07022-11001B Korea Testing Certification
Double 145*200 HJP-14520 275w HO07022-11001B Korea Testing Certification
Super King 180*230   400w    
Jumbo 180*280 HJP-18028 550w HO07022-11003D Korea Testing Certification
Super Jumbo 200*300 HJP-20030 550w HO07022-11003D Korea Testing Certification