KUMKANG Life Science commits its best endeavors into providing 
its customers with convenient and sound places of sleeping based on
professionalism to be the best in the industry with continuous creativity and passion.

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Business Introduction

KUMKANG Life Science will do everything with expertise for continuous technology development and applying technologies for manufacture of electric-heating home apparatus including electric-heated hot water mat, electric-heated mat, and electric hot water boiler (DIY). All of these endeavors of the company will create new values and satisfy requirements of customers.

Business Introduction


"We are with you nearer than you think."
We hope you always feel our spirit of service.

  • harulado
  • It means, "Since a day is the present and the time is past, even one day has to be cherished as much as possible to lead the most meaningful life."
  • dormio
  • It is also a Latin word equivalent to "getting some sleep," representing our willingness to provide the safest and most comfortable bed.